Lactose-Free Strawberry Pancakes
Lactose free healthy pancakes made with crushed strawberries. Quick and easy to make but yummily delicious.
The Berry Love : No-Bake Dessert For This Valentine's Day.
A no-bake strawberry, raspberry, fresh cream and honey based layered dessert for Valentine's Day or for any other love filled day to woo the lovers.
Pain Perdu : French Toast In The French Style.
Bread dipped in egg and milk is known across the world by different names. In USA and Mexico it is called the French toast and in France it is called Pain perdu. So here is the French toast in the true French style.
Teenkona Parotta : The Bengali Layered Flatbread
A Bengali triangular layered flatbread which is easy to make and is soft yet slightly crispy and goes well it all types of Indian vegetarian or meat dishes.
Kashmiri mirch chicken
Kashmiri mirch (dried Kashmiri chilies) are flavorsome chili peppers that give a bright red color to the dish but not hot and pungent. I used them to flavor my Indian curry inspired chicken dish.
Pancake Omelet Envelope (POE)
I was sitting around down nothing, reading an already read short story by Edgar Allan Poe, when the idea to invent a weekend brunch recipe came upon me. Thus was born the dish POE, rather an acronym of Pancake Omelet Envelope.
Chocolate-Rum-Raisins Muffins
The fluffy chocolate rum and raisin filled muffins baked by my partner, who is a novice cook, under my guidance and supervision for my birthday.
A Simple And Healthy Guacamole.
Avocadoes have a lot of health benefits, mainly a rich source of vitamins and potassium and free of cholesterol and sodium. Here is a simple recipe to make guacamole with avocadoes.
Meat ball stew to warm up the winters.
A simple dinner, low in calories to warm up during the winter months. In fact I tried a similar recipe in Austria during my ski vacation and it helped to retain heat in our bodies at -15°C.